Speed with uncompromised quality

Bluestreak Quality

- Master job planning and routing files for each part number that include specific equipment, set-up instructions, run data and parameters inclusive of documented

- Customer specific specification, engineering requirements, key characteristics. 
Verification and validation of each manufacturing operation. 

- Verification and validation of in-process inspection data, statistical measures and physical property certifications and test reports 

- Audit and compliance to each unique customer product requirement ensuring full compliance to customer requirements  

When time is crucial you can count on SFC

We recognize every part and situation is unique

- Vertical Integration significantly reduces the need for external support.  

- State of the art technology for modeling or reverse engineering parts, related tools or legacy 2D engineering data

- 3D printing of tools

- Internal tooling department creating temporary tooling to support cost and schedule needs 

- Redundant equipment specifically dedicated to Blue streak manufacturing 

- Real time integrated shop control tracking and measurement to schedule and cost 

- Quality is prioritized in every aspect of our manufacturing process with validation of compliance to each unique customer and product requirement 

- 24 hours a day 7 days a week support team